Dear Sir / Madam

You have asked us some information about our Jack Russell terriers and how a few things are going if we sell a pup.

The "procedure" goes as follows.

In principal we invite the people to our home to see and watch our dogs. We have a lot of Jack Russell's walking free on our property.  You can phone or mail us to make an appointment, so we have really time with talk to you.

The people can see everything, how our dogs live, where they sleep. When we are at home our dogs are walking free on our yard (we don't have fences) and in the evening all our dogs are in our house with us. We don't want dogs that only live in kennels and are never free.

Our dogs are very friendly with children and other people, but you can see this for yourself when you come to visit us.

Our Jack Russell also likes other kind of animals, but you must give a pup the opportunity to get to know the other animal and learn how he has to behave towards the other roommate.

We will tell you all the things about the dogs you want to know and often more.

We have a pedigree of  9 generations in the female ancestry. The last 7 generations are examined on hereditary characteristics, like there is patella luxation and eye anomalies like there are PRA cataract. You also can find this information on our homepage:
All our dogs have a pedigree and are sold on a contract of sale.

It is very important for us to know the people where our dogs are going to live.

For that reason we will ask you a lot of questions like:

-Are you a sporting type?

-Are you consistent in your behaviour to your dog? A terrier is an independently working dog and you must have a stronger character then the dog

Are you willing to do a puppy class or puppy training with your pup?

-Do you know how much time you need to get a well-educated dog? Especially in the beginning it takes a lot of your time to raise your dog. You know that a Russell thinks he's 5 feet high and act that way. You get a big dog in a little packing.

Did you have a dog before and what happened with that dog? A dog is for lifetime.

-Can you take the fact that a Jack Russell makes a fool of you? You aren't the first person who is waiting for nothing and whistles like an idiot for a dog who is now where in your side, because he is chasing a rabbit or something else. You have to suffer the looks of other people and it will happen to everybody, not always but it will. You can't take him on a leach all the time. You have to let him run free and let him play, he has to get rid of his energy.

How is the composition of your family? Do you have children and of what age?

Do you work fulltime? And if you do, do you have any arrangement for your dog so that he isn't alone all day? If a dog has to wait 8 hours or more till his boss comes home we don't sell a puppy.

If you work part time you have to talk with us about the time you work, is that half a day each day in the week or for example two whole days? Do you have a solution for the time you are a way, someone else who takes care of your dog?

A dog that is whining all the time that you are away can be a tremendous problem for you and the neighbours. At the end the dog is always the victim and has to go away to a shelter of somebody else or even the vet to put a sleep.

You have to realise that a dog lives in a pack and is not a solitary living animal like a cat.

Do you think that all these questions are ridiculous then you better don't phone us to make an appointment?

Do you think:" These people really love their dogs and take care of them in a way you would do to, then you are very welcome to visit us."

We don't sell dogs to children. We have to know for sure that both parents want the dog to. The parents have to raise the dog and teach and learn all the things the dog's needs to know. A child can help a parent a little bit, but they can't take the responsibility for the education. This has nothing to do with loving a dog, it is to do with the capacity of raising a dog.


We only want to sell a healthy pup, with a good character to a serious new owner.

Wherever you go to see dogs, watch out, and ask everything you want to know. A good breeder wants to show you all his dogs. He is proud of them, he loves them. If the situation doesn't feel good, don't buy a pup, look further.

Now it is up to you what you want to do with all this information.

If you want to know more you can phone us, or mail us.

Our address and phone number.
    Kennel Of Jacks Paradise
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    Bredaseweg 24
    5111 GD  Baarle Nassau
    The Netherlands
    Tel. 0031 (0)13 – 507 85 85

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