It all started with my first Jack Russell, called ASTA a female, which I got because of her special Jack Russell Terrier character. And because we live in "the outskirts" with a lot of space for among other things a few horses, there also belonged a little rascal like ASTA.

After a while we bred our first litter of pups with ASTA. This was in 1988 and from then on we gradually wanted to know more and more about this breed of dogs. Our point of view was and is not to multiply but to improve and that is why we continuously look for the best possible combination of bitch x male dog.

Because of this philosophy there was a constant temptation to keep a beautiful and correct daughter or son from a certain combination for breeding. In this way our hobby got "somewhat out of hand" and currently our kennel consists of a lot Jack Russell's.

In 1990 we became member of the JACK RUSSELL TERRIËR CLUB NEDERLAND.

Shortly after that we have had all our dogs tattooed and registered at our Kennel Club the "RAAD VAN BEHEER".

We wish to make it clear to anyone that we find it important to follow the rules of the breeding regulations of the Kennel Club.

Here are a few important points from the breeding regulations which should be followed, before anyone is allowed to breed a dog:

  • The dog must be chipped and must be registered at the RAAD VAN BEHEER
  • A female must be at least 18 months old
  • A male dog must be at least one year old
  • The dog must have obtained the qualification 'Very Good or Excellent' at a dog show
  • He or she must also be examined and must consequently be free of Patella Luxation.
  • No more than once per calender year can be bred with a certain bitch
  • The last seven generations of our dogs have been examined for Patella by specialists of the W.K. Hirschfeld Stichting.
  • Beside this, they have also had a full eye-examination (PRA, CATARACT, etc.)

If you would like to reach us, you can phone us at: 0031 (0)13-5078585 (The Netherlands) or you can

e-mail us at: